A History of Sharing

Filling In the Spaces (1988-1993)

In the next phase of the Foundation's history, efforts were made to consolidate and enrich existing programs as a way to address gaps in program delivery. Starting in 1988, for example, the Foundation began collecting the top winning entries of the Painting Competition since it was realized that this was one way of safeguarding the works and documenting the artistic production of the period. Collection pieces were thoroughly documented, conserved and stored. In 1993, it was decided to add a preliminary board of judges to create a two-step selection process that would ascertain that entries were thoroughly reviewed, especially with regard to originality. A public viewing of paintings chosen after the first screening was instituted to elicit more comments and generate greater interest.

With regards to the Search for Outstanding Teachers, the number of awards was increased to twelve in 1989 as slots were added to the elementary category to reflect that majority of the country's teachers teach at this level. Eventually, slots were apportioned among the four major geographical divisions-National Capital Region, Rest of Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao-to ensure better regional distribution of awards. Beginning in 1992, semi-finalists were asked to come to Manila for personal interviews. This gave the preliminary board a chance to review their initial assessment of candidates as based on submitted documents. Candidates were thus able to demonstrate actual classroom skills before a panel of professional educators.

Also beginning in 1992, the Search information campaign was mobilized with fora being conducted in places such as Cotabato City, Iloilo, and Cabagan, Isabela. Foundation officials began to participate more in education sector affairs-visiting schools, attending educators conventions as well as meetings of the Regional Directors of the Department of Education. A second Assistant Corporate Secretary was hired to attend to the day-to-day administration of the Foundation's growing projects.

This period saw the Foundation mobilizing its resources to help Filipinos affected by the many calamities that hit the country. It was one of the first organizations to donate a million pesos to the victims of the earthquake of 1990.
At the Manila Doctors Hospital, the high point of the improvement program was the construction of the Norberto Ty Medical Tower, an eleven-storey building named after Chairman George S. K. Ty's late father. The new facility was officially inaugurated by then President Corazon C. Aquino in August 1991.