George S.K. Ty shares ‘Four Pillars for Successful Business Partnerships’

Mutual respect. Trust. Transparency. Fairness.

These are the “Four Pillars for Successful Business Partnerships” according to Metrobank foundation chairman and founder, Dr. George S.K. Ty. This was part of his message as recipient of the Order of the Rising Sun, Gold and Silver Star, from the Government of Japan

He was recognized for his great contribution in strengthening relations between the Philippines and Japan through business endeavors.

“First among these pillars is the principle of mutual respect. This respect extends not only on the cultural norms that define both partners but also each of our corporate objectives. This is followed by trust, which is built upon and strengthened by the third pillar—transparency. It is important that all parties come together with a clear understanding of what each other expect from the partnership. I make it a point to communicate my intentions and solicit the agreement of the other party. Fairness, as the last pillar, is to make sure that all parties benefit from the fruits of the business venture,” he said.

Thank you for bringing honor to our country, Mr. Ty! Congratulations!