Arts & Design

Metrobank Foundation - Alice Guillermo
Art Criticism Award

Metrobank Foundation Inc.’s art & design program, the Metrobank Art & Design Excellence (MADE) has been recognizing young artists and promoting Filipino culture since 1984. On its 30th year lasy 2014, MADE launched a special competition in art criticism with the award named after one of the pioneers of Philippine art criticism: “Metrobank Foundation - Alice Guillermo Art Criticism Award”.

Going further into achieving the program’s objective to promote Philippine art and culture is to cultivate a society with deeper understanding and appreciation of art, thus, MADE launched a special competition in art criticism.

Art criticism is the textual language which aids the gap between the visual narratives of painting and a viewers understanding of art. Also, art writing encourages critical thinking on issues surrounding specific art pieces, art movement and its current society. Further, art critics functions as a key agent of cultural change and cultural preservation through their written documentation thereof.

Interested participants may download the 2015 entry form and photo references of artwork selection to be critiqued. For more information you may contact Lalaine Calicdan at 898-8856, 09257120877 or email