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Metrobank Art & Design Excellence

Established in 2005 under the Metrobank Art & Design Excellence (MADE) Program of Metrobank Foundation, the MADE Architecture Recognition Program, in partnership with the United Architects of the Philippines (UAP), is a conceptual design competition for young Filipino architects whose creativity and skill can find creative and sustainable design solutions to the Search's varied design problems related to our very own Filipino culture and native topography.

This 2016, MADE partnered with Bluprint Magazine with the aim to enjoin architects to envision architecture and the built environment in a progressive Philippines in 2050, to design how we aspire for our children and grandchildren to live.

The Recognition Program challenges the architects to design innovative building typologies that deliver specific and holistic solutions to address a wide range of social, economic, environmental, sustainability and resiliency issues in the Philippines based on forecasts (climate change, energy, technology, etc.) and shifting social and demographic trends by 2050.

Participants have the freedom and flexibility to identify and define anticipated problems, and to propose their own solutions, program and conceptual agenda. The design solution should relate to the chosen site; city or ecology; and people (users, residents, pedestrians, commuters, tourists, etc.) and/or inhabitants (flora, fauna, etc.) Also, it must promote and demonstrate inclusivity and diversity, as well as Filipino-ness and Filipino and universal values.


  1. The Metrobank Art and Design Excellence Architecture Recognition Program is open to a registered and licensed Filipino architect or a team of two (2) to four (4) registered and licensed Filipino architects, 25 to 50 years old (25 years old as of July 22, 2016, and still 50 years on or before September 22, 2016).
  2. The participants can submit only one (1) entry. Participating architects of this Search are no longer allowed to join the 2016 MADE Painting, Sculpture and Interior Design Recognition Programs.
  3. Participants must register from March 23, 2016 to July 20, 2016. There is no registration fee.


  • March 23, 2016 – Launching of the Recognition Program, Registration Opens, Acceptance of queries
  • April 14, 2016- Competition Briefing at Metrobank Plaza
  • July 20, 2016 – Deadline of Registration
  • July 22, 2016 – Deadline of Submission of Entries (until 11:59 PM)
  • July 29, 2016 – Semi-Final Judging (Selection of Finalists)
  • August 2-3, 2016– Notification of Finalists by email
  • August 16-19, 2016 - Final Judging (Selection of Grand Prize Awardee)
  • September 22, 2016 – Announcement of Winners

Submission Requirements and Evaluation of Entries

Registration (March 23 to July 20)

 Downloadable documents will be made available for reference*

  • pptx - Summary of economic forecasts for the Philippines
  • pptx - NEDA infrastructure development plans for the Philippines in 2020-2040
  • pptx - Summary of population, climate and other trends

*Download the documents at

Submission of Entries (July 22, 2016)

Submission Requirements (ALL DIGITAL)

  1. Accomplished Entry Form ( MADE Architecture Entry Form.pdf)
  2. Notarized Affidavit (
  3. Nomination Form ( Form.pdf)
  4. Scanned copy of PRC Identification Card/s (front only)
  5. Concept Paper (See concept paper requirements in the 2016 entry form)
  6. Drawings (See drawing requirements in the 2016 entry form)

*Download the documents at


  • Submission by mail:
    1. All files must be properly labeled on the upper right corner with the entry code to be provided by the secretariat after the registration, followed by the requirement name, and the digital number. For example:
      A16-001-PRC Identification Card.jpg
      A16-001-Concept Paper.doc
      A16-001-Exterior Perspective-1.jpg
      A16-001-Exterior Perspective-2.jpg
      A16-001-Exterior Perspective-3.jpg
      A16-001-Exterior Perspective-4.jpg
    2. No other identifying marks shall be placed on the digital images and concept paper.
    3. The files must be organized in individual folders labeled as follows:
      • Accomplished Entry Form
      • Notarized Affidavit
      • Nomination Form
      • PRC Identification Card/s
      • Concept Paper
      • Exterior Perspectives
      • Interior and Spot Perspectives
      • Site Development Plan
      • Floor Plans
      • Elevations and Sections
      • Additional Diagrams or Images
    4. The file folders will be saved into a CD.
    5. The CD should be properly labeled with the entry code and title of entry, and placed in a short brown envelope.
    6. The CD should be addressed and sent directly to:
      Mr. Henri Palma
      Metrobank Foundation
      4F Executive Offices, Metrobank Plaza, Sen Gil Puyat Ave.,
      Makati City
  • Submission by email:
    Alternatively, participants may submit their entries by email.
    • Follow instructions 1-3 above
    • The file folders documents must be converted into zip folders and sent in a single email to:  
    • Cc to
    • Don't send more than one email.
    • The Subject of the email should indicate the entry code and title of entry, for example:  A16-001 Entry Title

Final Judging (August 16-19, 2016)

  1. For the final judging, the main entrant or the member elected by his or her team to speak is required to present and defend their design concept before the board of judges.
  2. The finalists must present a power point presentation and an audio-visual presentation (maximum length of AVP: one minute) of the entry. For AVP reference, please visit and click the following videos:
    • "Sibol" by Arch. Gerard Joson and Arch. Miguel Ricalde, 2015 MADE Architecture Recognition Program Grand Prize Awardee and;
    •  "Bamboo Tells" by Arch. Jason Mata & Arch. Jelda Cabardo, 2015 MADE Architecture Recognition Program Special Citation Awardee
  3. Submit the following original documents in printed copies:
    • Accomplished entry form
    • Notarized Affidavit
    • Nomination Form
    • Scanned Copy of PRC Identification Card/s
    • Curriculum vitae of the main entrants and team members (if applicable)


  1. Grand Prize Awardee
    • P300,000.00 financial assistance
    • A Glass trophy by Noell EL Farol
    • Feature in BluPrint Coffeetable Book, Blueprints for 2050 and/or magazine
  2. Finalists
    • Certificate of Recognition
    • Possible feature in BluPrint Magazine


When is the deadline of submission of entries?
The deadline is on July 22, 2016 but you have to accomplish the online registration form first at on or before July 20, 2016.

Is there is a registration fee?
No, joining the Search is free of charge.

Can I/we submit printed boards?
No, the Search is a digital recognition program. Participants are advised to submit their requirements in digital format saved into a CD delivered via mail or thru email and cc to

Is there a specific program requirement?
No, the participants have the freedom and flexibility to identify and define anticipated problems, and to propose their own solutions, program and conceptual agenda.

Is there a site defined by the design guidelines?
No, the site will be determined by the participants based on the identified and defined program and design solution. The location should be in the Philippines.

Is there a required typology?
No, but the suggested typologies to innovate on, but not limited to are the following: Housing, Daycare Centers, Assisted-Living for Seniors, Offices, Educational Facilities, Hospitals, Government Buildings, Vertical Public Park, Tourism, Hospitality, Entertainment, Shopping Establishment, Vertical Farming, Sports Facility / Physical Wellness Center, Heritage Structures, Adaptive Reuse, Transportation Facility, a combination of the suggested typologies

Who are the members of the 2016 Board of Judges?
The members of the Board of Judges in the 2016 MADE Architecture Recognition Program will be revealed on September 22, 2016 during the Awarding Ceremony and Exhibit Opening.

Where can I/we get the full details of the Search?
You may download the entry form at MADE Architecture Entry Form.pdf

Can I/we still join even if I will/did not attend the Competition briefing?
Yes, the competition briefing is just optional.

Can I change the number of our team members even if I have accomplished already the online registration form?
Yes, but all of the information you will state in the entry form must be final.

Can I/we still join even if I will/did not attend the Competition briefing?
Yes, the competition briefing is just optional.

My question is not listed here.
Please send your inquiry to